About Me

Tawnya Gray

Tawnya Gray

I am a former Division 1 college student-athlete with a passion for exploring human performance and technologies. I spent seven years in the San Francisco commercial real estate banking industry working primarily with risk analysis and then moved towards my love of basketball and multimedia.

My current work combines multimedia, instructional technologies and kinesiology with the goal of creating personal learning environments for athletes which augment and enhance traditional coach-directed instruction.

I have coaching/instructional design experience from novice kindergarteners to advanced learners competing in Division 1 collegiate athletics.

I received bachelors degrees in Finance and Marketing from Boise State University where I competed in basketball. I am currently working towards a M.Ed in Instructional Technologies and a Kinesiology graduate certificate in Movement Sciences from San Francisco State University.

email: tawnyagray@gmail.com
phone: 415.839.5352